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Allons en Bretagne!

Updated: May 6

We've finally moved! I've written on this blog before about our planned move. We've explored up and down the Loire, across Gers, Tarn and Occitanie and tried to align our dreams with the realities of living in France and running a French antiques store.

If you've found this article because you're also looking for a place to live in France, be prepared to wait and to properly look. France is the largest country in the European Union and the third largest country in Europe overall. Its has several micro-climates and more variations in culture and local identity. It took perhaps 2 years before we discovered our village and we are now happy residents of La Gacilly in Morbihan, Bretagne (the top left hand corner of France!).

I will be writing more about the village and the area in future articles. For many people in the UK and USA moving house is hardly an earth-shattering event. As an ex- Londoner I was used to moving every year. I deliberately chose bookshelves which could be disassembled and reassembled quickly. For close to a decade I had books which never even got to leave their boxes. It was part and parcel of being an urban nomad. Now, we are three. There is more stuff . And, being an online antiques shop, there is stock. Oh, so much stock. So for the next few months we'll be unpacking this lot:

Every single box contains French antiques that have to be cleaned, photographed and listed. Some are delicate church antiques and liturgical vestments, all sitting waiting in our garage! And given a large part of the job involves posting we also have our vast collection of cardboard.

There have been some surprises now we have started unpacking - we never realised we had also managed to amass a huge collection of Le Creuset pots. We will have other surprises as the weeks progress... #Bretagne #Househunting #France

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