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Purveyor of French antiques and religious collectibles

Welcome to Cabinet de Merveilles!

Originally from Paris, I was an antiques trader at Old Spitalfields and Bermondsey markets in London, UK. I now live in Brittany and travel around France hunting for pieces I love.

I have always been fascinated with Cabinets of Curiosities. Widespread after the Renaissance, they were manifestations of how the owners saw the world, a display of items encompassing

the manmade and natural worlds, art, life and death as well as items used in religious devotion and observance.

Cabinet de Merveilles displays my love of religious antiques, vintage clothes and antique French decorative items. You'll also find books, maps and antique prints.

Everything I have is an original antique and, unless it’s specifically mentioned, it’s not a modern reproduction.

If you require any further information on an item, please get in touch.


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