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This item is one of many from a very early 20th Century French ladies Garde Robe from Nantes. Made of multicoloured cotton fabric.

The jupon is made of an upper section with vertical stripes, a middle section with a zig zag pattern and a lower section with pleated verticals. In between each is a black velvet border. The fabric itself has broad black, blue and green stripes with thinner stripes in yellow blue and red. The black elements have a slight moiré or calendered effect. The top is secured by a drawstring. There is a single pocket to the side.

There is some fraying at the borders and the occasional small stain to the fabric. The item has been steamed but not laundered.

The width across the top when fully loosened is 54cm / 21.5inches

The total length is 75cm / 29.5 inches

Antique French Petticoat skirt

SKU: Default 85
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