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Rare French antique alabaster wall cross with hand painted flowers and hand written inscription. It says "A la grotte de Lourdes, j'ai prié pour Vous" (At the Lourdes grotto, I prayed for You). 
At the centre of the cross is a medallion with a hand carved frame. Under the glass of the medallion is a painted drawing of Bernadette Soubirou praying and The Virgin Mary in the grotto of Lourdes. 
The cross is made of alabaster, a delicate semi-translucent white stone. The details around the medallion are still clear, but there are some scratches and marks can be seen especially on the cross corners and the reverse. The inscription and painted has faded with age but is still visible.
There is a small loop fixed to the back so this can be hung immediately! This is a beautiful and rare souvenir of a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The crucifix measures 10.9x6.9cm/ 4.3x2.4inches

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French antique hand painted alabaster wall cross and medallion. Lourdes

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