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Large plaster statue of Sainte Therese or Saint Teresa of Ávila. The statue was manufactured by Laugier of Paris in the 19th Century.

The statue shows Teresa with eyes to heaven and, as is typical, holding a quill and a book. At her feet lie a book and a crown. The plinth calls her Therese, using the french spelling. The Laugier inscription is visible at the back.

The statue is painted plaster and has some chips. This is notable on the nose and the end of the quill, but smaller paint chips are also visible on the robes. There is a large chip to the plinth at the back. The statue's color has also darkened with age and this is visible on the whites of the robes. This is all expected with a hundred year old item!

Please note the statue is solid plaster so quite heavy!

measures 40cm/ 15.75 ins high. The base is 12cm/4.75 ins wide

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Large antique Saint Theresa / Teresa d'Ávila plaster statue. Laugier Editieur

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