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Outstanding silk cushion cover hand decorated and hand embroidered to commemorate the destruction of the Ypres Cloth Hall 1915-1917. The silk square has an intact lace border. The flowers are purple and pink embroidery with painted greenery. The central image is also painted- a water based silk paint has been used which has left a slightly watermark around. The silk and lace has also browned with age and exposure.

Ypres is in Belgium. This item would have been given to post WW1 visitors to the graveyards and battle sites in France as part of organised tours and the Cloth Hall image was iconic even though it was in a different country. Hence, "Souvenir de France"!

Total size 62cm / 24.5" square
Central silk panel: 46cm 18" square
Cushion not included.

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Souvenir de France, antique hand painted embroidered silk cushion cover.

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