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Beautiful collection of 5 Antique apothecary jars from a French Chemist.  All are late 19th Century and made using mouth-blown glass

Four of the name labels are on the bottle and have browned and been damaged with age (Permanganate de potasse, Boras sodicus, Bromure de potassium and Acide tartrique) . 
The Coccu Cacti label is inside the bottle. 
They are all made of solid, thick mouth blown glass.
These were for non-toxic chemicals so there is a loose red and gold metal top which has corroded. There may be some traces of chemical to the interior. 

Size of the large bottles:
Diameter 4”/ 10cm
Height without Top 9.5”/ 24cm
Height with Top 10.7”/ 27cm

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French antique apothecary jars. Chemical Chemistry Glass Bottles.

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