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Usually called a Passion Bottle or Calvary Bottle this is a folk art depiction of the crucifixion which took someone time and patience to complete! More than an Ex-voto, this shows the Instruments of Passion, the tools that can be used to defeat Satan. 

In this one we can see the Crucifix, the Ladder, Spear of Destiny, Holy Sponge and on the figure of Jesus the Crown of Thorns and Nails. At the base are two angels a small plaque with "Bonne  Fête, Bonheur" written on and a band of butterflies. This was folk art, so any symbolism for these items has been lost!

The glass has natural flaws from being mouth blown. The figure of Christ was glued onto the wooden cross and the glue has discolored with age. Some is also visible around the neck of the bottle. One instrument (the Holy Sponge) is loose. The cork is still firm and we have made no attempt to remove it!

Height 20.5cm /8"
Width 8cm/3.1"
Depth 4.7cm/1.9"

Its very rare that we manage to find one of these in such good condition.

Thanks for visiting Cabinet de Merveilles!

Crucifixion Bottle Instruments Tools of the Passion Arma Christi Impossible Bott

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