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Lithograph by A. Pingot based on Guido Reni representing the Holy heart of Mary. Those prints are highly collectible.
Part of the series " Nouvelles études variés".. This is  N° 161 and was made in  Paris, rue St André des Arts (the address was embossed in one corner. Only a small part is now visible). It is from the late 19th Century.
This is a beautiful lithograph but was damaged - look carefully at the pictures-  It has some little holes, tears, light stains and was badly cut by a previous owner (see the photograph of the text 'Saint Coeur de Marie'). All part of the charm and ready to be framed in a new home!

Size: about 62 x 52 cm / 24.4 x 20.4" (it wasn't cut perfectly straight)

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Antique lithograph by A.Pingot based on Guido Reni. Saint Coeur de Marie

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