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This is a mid-sized statue of the Virgin Mary probably orginally from a chapel or a church.

The body of the sculpture seems to be a polychrome hand finished gesso over papier mache, common in France in the late nineteenth century.  It's suprisingly lightweight! The upturned eyes seem to be glass and are both intact. As can be seen from the photos the detailing is amazing- from her face to the drapes of her cape.

The item has aged and this is visible in the coloration. However the blue of the cape and the the reds are still visible, if not as bright as they once were. Much of the gilt edging has faded though is still visible. There are some dents and scratches to the back where the surface material has been broken.

Base 15x15cm
Total Height 40cm

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Antique Holy Virgin Mary statue 1800s. papier mâché and glass eyes.

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