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Antique French holy water font. Late 19th century. 
Napoleon III oval wood frame with domed glass.  The water font itself is a natural shell.

The image is cut paper on black velvet representing the apparition of Notre-Dame de la Salette to two children, Maximin and Melanie. The Virgin Mary appeared in 1846 near the village of la Salette, France. She was weeping and told the children a secret each. They revealed the secrets in 1851 in a message to the Pope. The full story and how it influenced Hyusmans and Bosco can be read at

There is a crack on the frame but it's not very noticeable (see last picture) and a small part of the shell is missing (4th picture). There is a  tiny bit of dust under the glass but otherwise in very good condition for its age.

height: 23.5 cm/9.25" (frame: 18 cm/ 7"). 
width: 15 cm/ 5.9"

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Antique French holy water font Napoleon III frame, Notre-dame de la Salette

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